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Hybrid Denture

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A macro shot of dental implants in the oral cavity (human mouth).Here in the united States there are two types of dentists that are considered to be implant experts. Both Oral Surgeons and Periodontal Surgeons are considered to be the highest level experts in implant surgery. Here at RTC Dental we have a board certified periodontal specialist to help answer questions you may have about implant dentures. Once we develop a treatment plan for you in our office we will also refer you to a local oral surgeon to obtain a second opinion from a different prospective. Ultimately, when you are ready to select your surgeon (periodontal specialist versus oral surgeon) then you will experience a quick and relatively simple implant surgery in which the specialist dentist can place 5-6 implants for you.

Our periodontal surgeon (Dr. Sang-Hoon Park) will require 6 solid implants to support a permanently attached ‘hybrid denture’. This will be a beautiful denture made of titanium and acrylic. This ‘Hybrid denture’ will be permanently screwed onto the 6 endosteal implants. This permanently attached prosthesis will provide a complete set of natural appearing teeth. This ‘hybrid denture’ will look and feel just like a natural set of teeth. You will want to have this denture professionally removed and cleaned by a dentist at least once every 12-24 months. The dentist should also replace the screws with brand new screws each time the prosthesis is removed.

Supercompetetive Pricing :

  • 6x Endosteal Implants = $9000
  • (placed by a board certified periodontal specialist)
  • (bone grafting procedures such as ridge augmentation, block grafts, sinus lifts are all charged separately)
  • 1x ‘Hybrid Implant Denture’ = $7000

We are also capable of making Porcelain Fused To Metal (PFM) bridges that will be permanently cemented onto your implants. These PFM bridges are not removed for cleaning or maintenance. PFM bridges provide a permanent option that looks and functions like natural teeth. They remain permanently cemented on the implants and the patient only visits a dentist once every 6 months for normal hygiene and checkup appointments.



Two implants for overdenture supportFurthermore, Dr. Sang-Hoon Park can place as few as 4 ‘mini-implants’ for the purpose of ‘implant over dentures’. This ‘implant over denture’ is not nearly as high-performance as the ‘Hybrid Denture’. However, this ‘implant over denture’ option is better than a normal denture with no implants atall. Thus, it is a compromise option that is less expensive than a ‘Hybrid Denture’. Please visit our office and allow us to answer any questions you may have about these options.

We also have our own CAD/CAM robotic milling capabilities that allow us to fabricate custom titanium and ceramic abutments in addition to implant crowns and bridges. We also have a industry leading Erbium & Neodymium dental laser system to provide the absolute best results for our patients. We welcome you to RTC Dental, one of Northern Virginia’s most advanced dental offices.


Implant-Over-Denture-2Are you tired of your loose lower denture? Here at RTC dental we offer a cost effective, simple solution for the unhappy denture patient. With as few as four mini implants, patients can gain significant amounts of retention and stability for their dentures. If you are hoping for a straightforward solution to your denture problem, the 4x mini-implant overdenture is a possible option for you. Implant over dentures are by no means perfect and will not feel like a natural complete set of teeth. However, its better than a lower denture with no implants at all.

If you have heard of low cost mini implant solutions, be aware there could be issues with long term stability and cost you more in the end. At this time, mini implants have not been shown to be effective as long term solutions. We certainly place mini implants but do so in conjunction with a larger more traditional implant geared to last your lifetime. If you would like to schedule a general consultation to discuss your options, call us at (703) 956-9444 to meet with our periodontal specialist Dr. Sang-Hoon Park.

  • 4x ‘mini implants’ placed to support 1 ‘over denture’.
  • This over denture must be removed and cleaned each day.
  • This ‘over denture’ DOES move around and fall out of position throughout the day; however, it is better than a ‘complete denture’ with zero implants.

Super Competitive Pricing:

  • 4x ‘mini implants’ = $4,000
  • 1x ‘Implant Over Denture’ = $2,000


What Our Patients Are Saying

I love this dentist!! I have been through about 4 different dentists before finding RTC. I live in DC and drive to Reston for my appointments and I think it's worth it. The staff is professional and helpful. The dentist I have seen explains everything and is willing to take the time to answer any questions you may have. Didn't feel rushed at all.


Great service, excellent staff, awesome overall


I have had a lot of bad experiences with dentist in the past but RTC is different and makes you feel at ease. Thank you!! Chris


Best dentist I've ever had.


I have been to this dentist's office twice and each time was a great experience. Everything is explained to you in detail and the staff is extremely helpful and kind. Would recommend this dentist to anyone.


I haven't been to a dentist in years but they got me headed on the right path with friendliness and without a lecture.


Dr Ali was extremely helpful, professional and very caring. He saw me on an emergency basis on Saturday. I needed a crown and he replaced it that very same day. I was very grateful for him taking the time and effort to help me. I have worked in the dental/medical field for many years. I recommend him to all my patients. Thank you Dr Ali!


Incredibly modern facility; exceptionally qualified and professional staff; courteous patient service; treatment integrity with conservative, cost-conscious approach. Cannot imagine ever needing any other dental service. RTCD sets the standard.


Doctor Ali and his entire staff are very professional. They are excellent at explaining all procedures. I am completely satisfied with their practice.


I love RTC Dental...I love the receptionist/patient Liaison. She "ALWAYS" has a very warm and welcoming voice and persona. I have received treatment from both Dr. "Ali" Miamee and Dr. Aman. They are both, very knowledgeable and gifted in their craft. I prefer Dr. Miamee because he started my original plan of care. Therefore, I feel most comfortable with him . Yet, both doctors have great bedside manners. I always refer patients to RTC #ILoveRTCDental


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