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Laser Dentist in Reston

No Drill, No Needle, No Fear – Laser Dentistry!

RTC Dental provides the latest equipment and technology for our patients to benefit from. We have an amazing dental laser called the ‘Light Walker ATS’ that is the most advanced dental laser currently available. The ATS laser along with our robotic porcelain mill and ultra-modern medical cabinetry, makes us one of the most advanced dental offices in Northern Virginia. Your family deserves the best technology modern day dentistry has to offer.

Laser Periodontal Therapies

  • Replaces conventional “deep cleanings” with something far superior.
  • Ultra-gentle procedure that is relatively painless, both during and after, when compared to traditional periodontal surgery.
  • Causes severely diseased gums to regenerate healthy.
  • Billed to your insurance company as traditional ‘scaling and root planning’
  • Improve cardiovascular health by eliminating harmful bacteria in your gums.
  • Make an appointment with Dr. Gholam Ali Miamee for more details about this highly effective therapy for people suffering from gum disease.

Laser Family Dentistry

  • Perfect for children because their experience is often very easy and pain-free.
  • Fillings can now be performed without anesthesia in most cases.
  • Selectively evaporates the diseased tissue, while sparing everything else.
  • Most do not need anesthesia at all, unless they have extremely deep decay.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I love this dentist!! I have been through about 4 different dentists before finding RTC. I live in DC and drive to Reston for my appointments and I think it's worth it. The staff is professional and helpful. The dentist I have seen explains everything and is willing to take the time to answer any questions you may have. Didn't feel rushed at all.


Great service, excellent staff, awesome overall


I have had a lot of bad experiences with dentist in the past but RTC is different and makes you feel at ease. Thank you!! Chris


Best dentist I've ever had.


I have been to this dentist's office twice and each time was a great experience. Everything is explained to you in detail and the staff is extremely helpful and kind. Would recommend this dentist to anyone.


I haven't been to a dentist in years but they got me headed on the right path with friendliness and without a lecture.


Dr Ali was extremely helpful, professional and very caring. He saw me on an emergency basis on Saturday. I needed a crown and he replaced it that very same day. I was very grateful for him taking the time and effort to help me. I have worked in the dental/medical field for many years. I recommend him to all my patients. Thank you Dr Ali!


Incredibly modern facility; exceptionally qualified and professional staff; courteous patient service; treatment integrity with conservative, cost-conscious approach. Cannot imagine ever needing any other dental service. RTCD sets the standard.


Doctor Ali and his entire staff are very professional. They are excellent at explaining all procedures. I am completely satisfied with their practice.


I love RTC Dental...I love the receptionist/patient Liaison. She "ALWAYS" has a very warm and welcoming voice and persona. I have received treatment from both Dr. "Ali" Miamee and Dr. Aman. They are both, very knowledgeable and gifted in their craft. I prefer Dr. Miamee because he started my original plan of care. Therefore, I feel most comfortable with him . Yet, both doctors have great bedside manners. I always refer patients to RTC #ILoveRTCDental


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