In-Office Teeth Whitening Options

We offer "Zoom!® Teeth Whitening" for only $400 per session. This is a professional "in-office" whitening procedure that utilizes 'ultra-violet & LED light' technology for stimulation of the bleaching gel. Zoom Teeth Whitening is only one of two options available however. Below we will explain the different options for "In-Office High Performance Teeth Whitening."

In-Office Teeth Whitening Options Include :

  1. Phillips Zoom Teeth Whitening - UV Light technology ($400 per session)
  2. Laser Teeth Whitening - Erbium Laser Technology ($450 per session)

RTC Dental has recently purchased a special erbium laser that allows us to provide the most advanced form of teeth whitening currently available. Erbium laser technology for the purpose of teeth whitening has been pioneered in Europe under the trade name "Touch White." After several years of successful use in Europe it has finally been introduced to dental practices within the United States. We are now offering this next-generation technology for whitening teeth at RTC Dental. Laser Teeth Whitening costs only $450 per session at RTC Dental.


This was my first visit and I adored this dentist!!! Ultra modern and hip. The doctors and the whole staff were friendly and made you feel very at ease. Each chair has a personal flat screen and a huge movie list. I watched the notebook while I got my teeth cleaned!!! They also do Zoom Whitening and I have already made my appt for it!

This is the NICEST and BEST dentist office I've ever been too. They were friendly, gentle and accomodating. I've been to dentists who were crabby and mean, ones who got irritated when you truthfully admitted to skipping a few flosses here and there. The people who helped me were amazing! I'm glad we found this place! Go now!! You will not be disappointed! They even have TV while you get something done.

Absolutely Fabulous! Not only did they do a great job with my cleaning, they had the daunting task of filling my 5-year old daughter's cavities. Needless to say that she was not the most cooperative with them but they were always patient with her and, although it took 3 trips before she finally was able to go through with it (lol), their first priority was always making sure that she didn't develop a stigma about dentists and remained comfortable. I will be calling you again in 6 months! Oh, and I love the fact that they have TVs to watch while getting work done!

Highly Recommended. I went to RTC Dental for my wife's dental treatment - crowns and fillings. Dr Ali & Dr Nazy were very effective and understanding and guided us through the process. The support staff and Maria were extremely helpful and friendly too. I especially liked the facility - very hi-tech, clean and well run. And yes, they do have TV for each chair and my wife made sure to watch Predator while being treated. :)

Dr. Miamee and his crew were outstandig and they all were treating me in a most professional way. I will recomend them to all my family and friends.

Great experience! After calling three other dentists in the area for an emergency dental work (they were all booked) I lucked into finding RTC dental. They said they could help me as soon as I could make it to their office. I have very high anxiety about dentists and procedures but Dr. Ali and the staff made me feel at home. Dr. Ali's bedside manner is amazing and I've never felt so comfortable with a procedure before. I recommend RTC Dental to everyone I can, but especially to children or people with dental fears.

Dr. Ali and Maria went out of their way to ensure that I received the treatment I needed under a very tight deadline. It required extra effort and several phone calls, but they took care of everything and did it with a SMILE! You don't find this kind of customer service very often, and I for one am very appreciative.

Today was my first visit ,I saw Dr.nazy she is soo sweet .This was the best cleaning and exam I have ever had.They are super caring and treat me like family. I will make sure to have my family and friend here.

The most contemporary office I've been to. It's worth going just to see the technology there. Supper friend staff and great doctor. He is so caring I can not believe it. I highly recommend him for kids.

I had to get a few fillings and I felt no pain. I loved this place..was able to watch a movie while i had my teeth worked on. LOVED them.

Great place. Great dentists.

Dr. Miamee did a perfect job replacing a crown. He referred me to experts on other matters and discussed my situation with those others - and that collaboration is very important to me. I sense that Dr. Miamee gave my concerns complete attention. Also, I was not left sitting by myself for long periods of time - something that often happens nowadays in some practices.

Everyone was gentle and understanding, and I was not pressured to do a major procedure like at my former dentist. They threw in some diagnostic X-rays for free, so I got some piece of mind gratis.

Staff was respectful and knowledgeable.

I love the staff, the office decor, the prompt service. I love this dental office.


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