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Family And Preventative Dentistry

"Your family deserves the best technology modern day dentistry has to offer!"
  • Hands-free water faucets throughout our office
  • Hands-free pneumatic doors in our lab
  • Ultra low-radiation digital x-rays
  • Cerec OmniCam Porcelain Milling Robot

Laser Dentistry

World's Most Advanced Dental Laser

  • RTC Dental has acquired a new technology that is capable of impressive things
  • "No Drill, No Needle, No Pain Dentistry" is now possible with Laser Technology
  • Laser Periodontal Therapy is revolutionary for treating gum disease (aka periodontal disease)
  • Click here to learn why this laser technology is often times superior to a traditional drill
Clear Correct

Clear Correct- Invisible Braces

Current Special Pricing (with Zero Interest Financing!!)
  • Clear Correct 6
    • $2000 (retainers included)
  • Clear Correct 12
    • $2400 (retainers included)
  • Clear Correct Unlimited
    • $3400 (retainers included)
  • Comparable to other invisible braces (such as invisalign)
  • Made of the same material and provide the same results.

Invisalign Orthodontics

Current Special Pricing (with Zero Interest Financing!!)
  • Invisalign Full
    • $3900 (Unlimited # of aligners)
  • Vivera Retainers (4 identical sets, sold extra for $900)

Light Walker

Laser Periodontal Therapies

  • “Periodontal Reattachment Protocol” stimulates diseased gums to regenerate in healthy condition
  • Diseased gums reattach to the underlying tooth
  • Reverse some of the damage caused by periodontal disease
  • Healing your gums will improve cardiovascular health

Cosmetic Dentistry (Porcelain Veneers & Crowns)

We make crowns and veneers that look exactly like your natural teeth. These ceramic restorations will feel and look natural.
  • Special Promo for 6 Veneers; Currently only $6000

TouchLase - Laser Teeth WhiteningTouchWhite - Laser Teeth Whitening

  • Next-Generation technology for whitening teeth
  • We avoid thermal-irritation to the tooth, when using erbium laser technology
  • Erbium laser energy is used to gently pulses the bleaching gel into your enamel, thereby achieving dramatic results
  • Only $450 per session

ZOOM Teeth Whitening

In-Office Professional Bleaching System
(UV light accelerates absorption of the special bleaching gel)
  • Current special only $400

Prosthodontic Services

Bridges and Dentures; including Implant Supported Dentures

Implant Surgery

Super Competitive Pricing
* Only $2800 per tooth ( includes implant, abutment & crown; bone graft charged separately )
* Placed by board certified periodontal specialist (Dr. Sang Hoon Park)
* Special Price of $2800 may not be applicable when insurance benefits are applied
* Bone grafting and sinus lifts charged separately, when necessary
* Bone grafting is typically "ridge augmentation" which costs $1400 per site
Hybrid Implant Denture

Hybrid Implant Denture

Permanent tooth replacement with permanent hybrid denture.
  • $9000 for implant surgery (6 implants)
  • [bone grafting procedures will be charged separately]
  • [Performed by Periodontal Specialist]
  • $7500 for each "Hybrid Implant Denture"
  • Hybrid Denture is permanently screwed onto 6 implants

Oral Surgery (including wisdom tooth removal)

  • Non-Thermal Laser Technology
  • Minimal post-op discomfort
  • Faster Healing
  • Ideal tissue response
  • Often times amazes our patients with how painless the laser energy cuts gums; and also how quickly the wound heals after laser surgery.

Light Walker

Endodontic Therapy (root canal therapy)

  • Laser PIPS technology that we use provides a unique form of disinfection
  • Root ZX Integrated Headpiece is another important endodontic instrument we use
  • System B Heat & Touch Obturation System - best technology for sealing the root canals

Mercury Removal Dentistry

Mercury removal can help anyone who is concerned about amalgam fillings in their teeth releasing small amounts of mercury into their saliva (and gastrointestinal tract) throughout their life-time.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I love this dentist!! I have been through about 4 different dentists before finding RTC. I live in DC and drive to Reston for my appointments and I think it's worth it. The staff is professional and helpful. The dentist I have seen explains everything and is willing to take the time to answer any questions you may have. Didn't feel rushed at all.


Great service, excellent staff, awesome overall


I have had a lot of bad experiences with dentist in the past but RTC is different and makes you feel at ease. Thank you!! Chris


Best dentist I've ever had.


I have been to this dentist's office twice and each time was a great experience. Everything is explained to you in detail and the staff is extremely helpful and kind. Would recommend this dentist to anyone.


I haven't been to a dentist in years but they got me headed on the right path with friendliness and without a lecture.


Dr Ali was extremely helpful, professional and very caring. He saw me on an emergency basis on Saturday. I needed a crown and he replaced it that very same day. I was very grateful for him taking the time and effort to help me. I have worked in the dental/medical field for many years. I recommend him to all my patients. Thank you Dr Ali!


Incredibly modern facility; exceptionally qualified and professional staff; courteous patient service; treatment integrity with conservative, cost-conscious approach. Cannot imagine ever needing any other dental service. RTCD sets the standard.


Doctor Ali and his entire staff are very professional. They are excellent at explaining all procedures. I am completely satisfied with their practice.


I love RTC Dental...I love the receptionist/patient Liaison. She "ALWAYS" has a very warm and welcoming voice and persona. I have received treatment from both Dr. "Ali" Miamee and Dr. Aman. They are both, very knowledgeable and gifted in their craft. I prefer Dr. Miamee because he started my original plan of care. Therefore, I feel most comfortable with him . Yet, both doctors have great bedside manners. I always refer patients to RTC #ILoveRTCDental


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