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Dental Emergencies

A toothache, a broken tooth or mysterious gum pain. Dental emergencies are unavoidable, however you can mitigate the harm by quickly contacting a dentist.  If dental damage occurs to your teeth or oral tissues then call a dental emergency office near you.  When you call our office you will be put in touch with several  emergency dental surgeons located near to your residence.


A toothache can be caused by several different things including cavities on the teeth and periodontal pockets around the gums.  If you are experiencing abrupt tooth pain, contact a dental emergency near you. Over-the-counter remedies often make the problem worse so  it is strongly advisable to find a professional dentist for comprehensive care.

Item Caught in Teeth

In the case of food particles stuck between the teeth, we recommend you delicately utilize dental floss to remove it. Never use a sharp items or something besides dental floss to avoid harming the teeth or gums.

Avulsed Tooth

If a tooth is accidentally knocked out (avulsed), get in touch with us immediately for tips on how to hopefully re-implant the avulsed tooth. Grab the tooth by the crown (top of the tooth), wash with warm water and place it in contact solution or milk in a sealed container. Immediately take the patient and the tooth to a dentist.

Broken, Chipped or Fractured Tooth

In case of tooth fracture, contact the dentist office immediately for guidance. Furthermore, you can wash the mouth with warm water and rinse with salt water.

Emergency Dentistry, Reston VA:

Here is a brief detail of Emergency Dentistry, Reston VA where you can find the most credible and experienced dental surgeons.

Dental emergencies can feel overpowering when you don’t have even the foggiest idea of what to do. The initial step is to stay cool and then call the dentists at RTC Dental who are here to facilitate urgent care in the event of dental emergencies located in Reston VA.

If you are looking for credible and professional dentists in Reston Virginia then you have found the right place with amazing dentist such as Dr.’s Steve D. Yopa , Ali Miamee , Mehrdad Ijadi, etc .

The most qualified and professional team of dentists are available at RTC Dental in Reston VA. We offer excellent treatment for all dental care needs including emergency dental care and tooth pain, etc. The best part of RTC Dental is that we have a emergency dentist on-call after hours to receive and respond to text messages /phone calls to the on-call cell phone line we provide for our patients.

Rather than stressing out over a dental emergency, simply contact our “after hours”  on-call dentist in Reston Virginia at (703) 956-9444. Also, if you are searching for emergency dental care however don’t have insurance, we offer discount pricing for patients without insurance. Our highly qualified doctors are here to facilitate the highest level of dental care for you and your family members, in the unfortunate event of a dental emergency.

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